Bumper Repair

They call it a fender bender, but your front bumper and rear bumper will often receive majority of the damaged caused in a “fender bender”. We have all accidentally bumped into something, backed into something, or have had someone back into us. It is never pleasant but luckily we can repair your front and rear bumpers. Repair and get rid of your bumpers dings, paint chippings, dents, and scratches. Once your bumper is back to new we can professional color match and paint it to match the rest of your vehicle. We will do all we can to repair the existing damaged bumper but if it is far too damaged it is often cheaper to fully replace it. If a new bumper is what you need, we will professionally install it, paint it the color of the rest of the car, add the clear coat and no one would have ever known it wasn’t the original.

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